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begreen-F: Extracts from various biologically cultivated plants in an aqueous solution. begreen-F is a biological plant strengthener / Organic Liquid Fertilizer  for optimal leaf, flower and fruit development and ensures ideal germination and rooting.

  • Improves the plants natural resistance to external influences.
  • Strengthens the plant’s immune system, provides the plant with all the substances it needs to survive and develop optimally, the plant is stronger and can increase yield.
  • Reduces the need for excessive use of pesticides.
  • Helps to revitalize plants after all stressful situations (drought, low temperatures, hail, etc.).
  • It is not harmful for the ecosystem.
  • Revitalizes the plant and the earth.
  • Contains only biological substances.
    Provides healthy food (enriched with vitamins and minerals) and contributes to a healthier environment.
  • begreen-F can be used year-round for watering or spraying.

begreen-F Details

begreen-C: Is a high performing water penetrant and feeds soil microbes. Deep water penetration oxygenates the soil.

  • Opens the soils so that salts can be flushed with the least amount of water and provides complete carbon/protein sources to feed the existing biologicals in the soil.
  • Salinity is the biggest limiting factor to crop production as it creates an uninhabitable environment for the soil microbes upon which crops are reliant for nutrient availability/uptake.
  • Flushes more salts with less water in order to maintain
    efficiencies in production.
  • As bacteria complete their life cycle, they remain in the soil as proteins and have a compounding, positive effect on soil health.
  • These proteins not only continue to feed other bacteria but are directly available for uptake and utilization by plants.
  • Provides a complete solution to improving soil health and increasing microbial biodiversity.
begreen-C Details

begreen-N+ Provides natrual protection to the plants againt all insects, pests & fungal diseases.

  • Controls all types of thrips, gessids for all types of plant diseases
  • Resurgence and resistance of pest is disrupted
  • Totally eliminates residue on crops
  • Good UV stability on plants
  • Better stability & storage worthiness
  • Supports exportable crop protection
  • Excellent fit to Integrated Pest Managment (IPM)



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  • Cocoa Board
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  • Ghana Standards Authority

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  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
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  • Ministry of Agriculture


Registered through the FiBL – Input List


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